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"Wendi is an amazingly attentive and loving pet owner.  Its no surprise she takes those traits to her dog training and walking business.  These traits plus her skills to expertly set boundaries and curb inappropriate behavior set her far apart from others in the industry.  I cannot highly recommend Wendi enough, and I have been professionally in the pet industry for over 15 years.  "

                                                                                                                     -Jaymie L 

Testimonials: Testimonial

Wendy is the real deal. Her knowledge of dogs is very impressive. Wendy took control as soon as she walked into our home correcting Elly greeting her at the door again quiet impressive. When my husband and I sat down with Wendy we went through our issues after that we went right to work. We as pet parents were shown how to correct Elly's issues. Elly is a pitbull puppy who's 11 weeks old and was explained why she was acting out. Since hiring Wen's Waggin Tails we have the tools to be great puppy parents to Elly. Looking forward to learning more as Elly grows I VERY much recommend Wendy @ Wen's Waggin Tails you will be impressed by her knowledge of both human and dog interaction.

Absolutely Amazing Experience! Met with Wendi of "Wens Waggin Tails" today and cannot express how amazing and knowledgeable she is! She taught us things that we never would have thought were important for the betterment of not only our rescue pups, but our lives as well. She explained behaviors, where they possibly stem from and gave us much needed understanding in the mentality of our girl. She is extremely personable, compassionate, thorough and speaks in a way where you can understand yet not feel like you're being talked down to. We are looking forward to our next training session with her and very excited knowing that with her guidance, we, and our pup, will be able to achieve our fullest potential! Thank you Wen!!!


Wendi has a natural instinct, love, and sensitivity for dogs, paired with an expert firm, but kind discipline. Her love and passion for dogs is evident in every interaction she has with her furry friends. 

Wendi is well versed in dog psychology and she uses her general knowledge of dog social dynamics to help my family handle two, one-hundred pound Weimaraners. She has been so effective in fact, that our 4 year old daughter can issue commands to our dogs, and they will calmly listen! She has a wealth of knowledge, often citing Caesar Milan and other well-known dog-trainers, and she has endless patience. She goes beyond teaching the dog how to listen to commands, and ventures into training the family to encourage calm behaviors and mindsets while discouraging obnoxious behavior/mind-sets. She clearly cares about her clients and dogs and this is evident by the write-ups and occasional emails that she sends out to help drive the lessons home. She is a dedicated and highly skilled dog trainer and she deserves your business.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Wendi has become an integral part of our dog's happy life. We found her in 2020 when we had our hands full with the pandemic and a newborn baby. Right away we felt a huge sense of relief knowing she is helping our large, energetic Rottweiler get the exercise and training that he needs. He gets so excited to see her, it's clear she has an impressive way of balancing control and compassion with her doggie clients. She has provided us with some great tips for improving his behavior at home and making our walks easy and stress-free. Thanks to Wendi's guidance, I can now walk our big boy on my own while pushing a stroller! Our neighbors have even seen her in-action and enlisted her help with their own dogs. She is also very flexible and considerate of our scheduling needs. We are very grateful for the level of care, attention, and coaching that Wendi provides!

There are people outside the yard and once I claimed the fence they laid down but are still aware. Wendi taught me this. Before I had a session with her I had two sessions with a “positive reinforcement” trainer. She told me I needed to continue to walk my rescue littermate sisters by themselves for 3 weeks and there is a huge possibility I would never be able to walk them together. Wendi came in day one and I was able to walk them PERFECTLY, zero reactions, by my side the whole time, would sit, and look up when we stopped the very next day!! It has been two weeks and I get compliments every single day I walk them about how well trained they are. One class with Wendi made me break the impossible. Highly recommend her!!

I cannot sing miss Wendi's praises enough. She is so friendly and calming. My dog that normally barks at any animal on tv (even crude drawings of animals) and refuses to stop even when we tried within several minutes of Wendi's instruction laid down quietly and even rested while close up HD animals played on the tv. She was extremely informative and clear in her instructions. Within one day after our session my dog isn't as reactive on a leash as she typically is. Beyond professional and kind and just an amazing presence to be around. Don't hesitate to get in touch with her if you need any help with your dog!

Wendy was Amazing, she knew what she was talking about.  She gave us our homework with our puppy and it's been magical.  Love her advise 100%.

Wendi was really nice & broke down everything with me so I wasn't lost or confused.  She also made me feel very comfortable in talking about my dogs bad behaviors & giving me hope in their future success.

Wendi is incredible! She helped us so much with our little guy.  She is so incredibly encouraging and so positive.  She put us at ease and helped us with all of our questions.  She is a gem!

Our dog had separation anxiety for many reasons. Wen’s Waggin Tails came over and helped us address the issue in a holistic manner, taking into account our life, our concerns, and our future plans. Her recommendations were so helpful in helping our dog become calmer and more stable.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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