Wens Waggin' Tails

    Certified Professional Dog Trainer       Specializing In Behavioral Modification

I combined my love of dogs, with my passion for helping people, to create a dog training company that is focused on healthy dog psychology and positive obedience training.  When a dog is satisfied both mentally and physically, they are great members of your pack!  When a dog is bored, or is not getting enough exercise, they might eat your couch.  If you are tired of calling your dog "no no bad dog" I can help!

I’ve studied Cesar Milan for years and follow his dog psychology methods.  I will be continuing my education by attending his Dog Fundamentals class this November.



I offer many services to meet your dog's needs. I have several years of experience, and have helped many shy dogs learn confidence, as well as taught patience to many overly confident dogs. Contact me if you would like to book a session, or need additional information.

       Private Dog Training

          Positive Based Training

  • Private Dog Training (Home or Park)

  • Identify goals for your dog

  • Discuss problem behaviors

  • Obedience training

  • Consultation session

    • Includes follow up notes


           Safe & Educational

  • Offered through Meetup.com

  • Group class offered twice a month

  • Safe environment to socialize your dog with other dogs on leashes

  • Learn how to socialize your dog safely 

  • Learn how to recognize signs of stress or aggression

  • Learn how to give effective leash corrections to help your dog calm down

            Dog Walking

          Good For Dog's Mental &                       Physical Health

  • Complimentary Meet & Greet before first walk

  • 30, 45 or 60 min walks available        

  • Variations available upon request

  • Trustworthy to maintain client's house keys

  • Text/video after walk to share details & confirm I'm leaving the house

  • Help client's identify problems behaviors

           Portable Agility

     A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog

  • 60 min class

    • Includes set up and tear down

  • 5 portable agility obstacles set up at your house/yard

  • You can participate in instructing your dog through the course, or you can take it easy and watch your dog have fun and burn off some energy


    Want Your Dog In Your Wedding?

  • Participate with dog in dress rehearsal

  • Participate with dog in wedding

  • Babysit dog during reception

  • Babysit and potty walk dog in between aevents

  • Price/service customizable

              Pack Walks

       Learn About Dog Behavior

An opportunity for dogs to walk together while I teach dog behavior and body language to the parents.  My Pomeranians walk with us.


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